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Mars OG is a space-themed indica strain. It provides blissful calmness as well as pain relief for the body. It also has a punchy citrusy scent with a smooth woody, earthy taste. Mars OG is an out of this world indica dominant strain that anyone interested in finding a relaxing evening strain should try. This strain offers a nice high that is both physical and mental, and it has a lovely come-down that can help you get restful sleep. Buy Mars OG with Weed Delivery Toronto.

Users praise this strain for its ability to elevate, as well as its tendency to relieve tension and anxiety.

The strain’s name, Mars OG, is a tribute to its specialized growth requirements. This plant is grown both outside and indoors by growers who want the best results. Some growers may find this aspect difficult, but the end product is a smooth high with significant advantages.

It can help you relax even if you’re not feeling tired. It’s great for getting some rest, and it also works as a pain reliever. Many consumers use it to relieve a variety of chronic pains, including migraines and muscular pains. Mars OG has an intense but pleasant citrusy scent and full-bodied flavor that is rich and deep.

What Is the Mars OG Strain?

The Mars OG strain is a mix that leans toward indica. It has picked up some excellent characteristics from its indica side, such as mental and physical relaxation. Its tendencies to soothe and relax make it ideal for de-stressing after a hard day’s work.

It’s also a smart choice for anybody who has difficulty sleeping or has trouble shutting their eyes. Users of Mars OG claim that it has significant rest-inducing capabilities. People who suffer from sleep problems report awakening less frequently during the night and having more energy throughout the day. Users, however, must be careful.

This strain makes it simple to unwind and relax, but it may also cause problems with scheduled activities and routines. Instead of doing so, most professional users recommend taking Mars OG in the evening or before bedtime. In addition to its reputation for alleviating headaches, migraines, and painful joints, Mars OG is a powerful pain medication. Users adore its power to diminish tension headaches, prevent migraines, and ease sore muscles.

Others like that it serves as a great energy boost. Many consumers claim that Mars OG improves their mood and temperament in general. Those who are depressed or anxious may benefit from this strain, for example. After ingesting Mars OG, these persons note feeling a sense of tremendous well-being and pleasure.

Mars OG is also recommended for treating depression. Some people suffering from PTSD and panic disorder have reported a reduction in symptoms while using this strain. These features make Mars OG a nice smoke with a pleasant high that is both relaxing and gentle. With an edge of euphoria, it’s the perfect example of a medical cannabis strain; relaxing, mild, and soothing.


The Mars OG strain has a strong odor. It also features citrusy, tart lemon undertones, as well as a hint of hot earth. Pine scents emerge to join wisps of herb in the background.


The taste of OG Kush is a bit earthy and woodsy, while the flavor profile of Rooted Cannabis Oil is sweet and fragrant. Many consumers report getting a burst of tart, tangy lemons on the inhale. Sweet, golden earth, herb, woodsy notes, and pine are also present in the flavor profile.


The OG strains are notorious for their huge buds. The foliage is a lovely dark green and the branches droop with plenty of dense, verdant buds. It is also heavily sprinkled with bright red and orange hairs, just like its namesake that alludes to the brilliant crimson planet Mars. It has a layer of fluffy trichomes that make the nuggets stickier to the touch as well.

Mars OG Strain Grow Info

Mars OG seeds have a distinct growth pattern. The majority of home gardeners start off growing plants indoors before moving them outside. Mars OG is referred to as a planetary strain as a result of this pattern. Planetary strains are known for depending on the natural elements outside to complete their development cycles. Mars OG prefers a warm, Mediterranean-style environment, according to this strain.

This is a somewhat difficult method to grow. However, when done right, it produces spectacular outcomes. Some growers have gotten as much as 16 ounces or more per plant, for example. Its quick development also allows farmers to harvest in a short period of time. This feature may be beneficial to people who live in areas with short winter seasons.

As a result, Sugar OG cannabis is an excellent choice for the home garden. The Sugar OG strain has a large flower-to-leaf ratio and is therefore one of the tallest and lankiest types available. Because of its tall stature and slender form, sugar leaves are unusual. It’s also naturally tall and slender, though growers may reduce the overall height by stressing it or topping it to make it shorter.

THC Content – Highest Test

This strain has an average THC level of 20%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest content test for CBD is 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Mars OG Strain

The CBD for Pets range is ideal for a wide range of conditions. Its enormous form provides users with a sense of calm and relaxation, making it an excellent remedy for those suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, or stress.

Users who suffer from sleep-related issues, such as insomnia, may benefit from this product. It might also aid in pain management, especially those related to migraines, headaches, joint discomfort, and sore muscles.

Many symptoms associated with epilepsy have been alleviated by Mars OG users. They also claim to experience less frequent seizure manifestations and pains. Individuals suffering from mental health issues or sadness might find this strain beneficial. This plant’s other applications include treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, inflammation, and back discomfort.

Possible Side Effects of the Mars OG Strain

Some people may experience negative symptoms, such as dizziness, a headache, and dry mouth.

Final Thoughts on the Mars OG Strain

The Mars OG strain is ideal for people looking to de-stress or unwind. It’s particularly beneficial for those suffering from sleeplessness.

Users claim not only a good night’s sleep but also feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and euphoria. This uplifting strain may help with pains and discomfort, as well as many users’ claims that it alleviates a number of pain symptoms.

It’s unclear how long it took to grow this strain, but it may require some time outside for optimum results.

Despite its complex nature, Mars OG offers a fast turn around and high yield. Mars OG’s enthusiasts also praise it for providing a pleasant high with lemon, pine, and earthy notes in each breath.

Mars OG has both a pleasant taste and aroma, with most users praising its high. It is referred to as an ideal evening strain by fans of the strain because it’s great for soothing and calming while also uplifting spirits and reducing worries.

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