Apple Mints Weed Strain Review & Information

Apple enthusiasts will want to try Apple Mintz, not just for its fruit flavors but also because it’s a fantastic mood elevator and creativity booster. This cure is a dependable pick-me-up, whether it’s used during the day or late at night. Some people like Apple Mintz at the end of the day for its relaxing qualities. Read on to learn more about this delectable cannabis strain. Looking to try something new? Check out this.

Apple Mintz Strain Background

Apple Mintz is an indica-dominant hybrid, so it has a wide range of possible parents. It might be one of three crossbred strains: Sour Diesel and Pure Kush, Blue Sherbet and Zkittlez, or Apple Fritter and Sherbet.

Apple Mintz’s sour, sweet, and creamy flavor may be due to its parent being sherbet. It may also have an indica-leaning profile as a result of being influenced by the possibility that Apple Mintz is a parent. There’s no doubt about it: This strain is one of the strains on the tip of any rapper or Oregonian’s tongue—a crowd favorite by both genders. With THC levels ranging from 20 to 23 percent, this strain, often known as “Big Apple,” can help with pain and lift your spirits.

What Does Apple Mintz Look Like?

Apple Mintz has dark green foliage with bright, vivid amber hairs strewn across it. If you don’t want to use your hands, the buds are small and difficult to grind. Its body is purple and green hues on the darker side of the color wheel with trichomes and a touch of green frost. With a waxy texture covering it, the strain may be rather sticky to the touch. The strain’s orange pistils stand out brightly against its deep hues, adding vibrant bursts of color.

How Does Apple Mintz Smell?

Apple Mintz is quite unique in that its scent varies from one strain to another. It’s no surprise then that the odor of Apple Mintz is very distinctive, ranging from minty and pine to sweet and candy-like. The aroma complements its energy level. Vanilla notes are sprinkled throughout each sniff, giving it a dessert-like fragrance that matches its name. A flame-like spicy scent— all while going down your nose smoothly –endend

What Does the Apple Mintz Strain Taste?

The taste of Apple Mintz starts off with a bang and is followed by a strong punch on the first inhale. Its vanilla scent mixes well with the diesel aroma, and before you know it, each puff will be smooth and mild-mannered. Its history suggests that kush mints have a cool undertone, which adds consistency to all of the muddle of tastes.

How Does the Apple Mintz Strain Make You Feel?

Apple Mintz is the strain to go for if you’re having difficulties sleeping or want an uplifting, yet soothing high. It’s not for the faint of heart, and if you’re a novice smoker, it can knock you out.

This strain is ideal for seasoned cannabis users. Even experienced smokers may take it easy with the Big Apple since to its high THC levels and powerful punch. Its strong, sedative hand will put you immediately in a couch-lock position so that you can drift off into a good sleep.

What Are The Medicinal Effects of Apple Mintz?

Apple Mintz is an excellent choice for people who suffer from mood swings because it is a fantastic pick-me-up. If you have depression or anxiety, it might provide a tranquil yet clear headspace. It not only relaxes the mind but also the body. This indica-dominant strain has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with pain management. Finally, since it helps with cancer treatment, it’s become a favorite among people looking for comfort during unpleasant treatments.

What Activities You Can Do With Apple Mintz?

Apple Mintz is a strain that can bring out your creative side, despite its popularity for pain-relieving and mood-boosting effects. It’s great for when you just need one more paragraph in that short story or if you’re finishing off a masterpiece. You might also want to consider it as an enjoyable evening with a small group of friends. Whatever it is, Apple Mintz can be that little burst of energy needed to have a good time. Just expect the drowsiness to set in after only a few puffs.

Since I haven’t blogged in a while about our Work Sativa series, I grabbed some strains from Sunnyside Champaign’s Green Thumb Industries’ Good Green brand, including popcorn Apple Mints. GTI describes Good Green as “a movement bringing cannabis, responsible consumers, and change-making organizations together to create genuine, long-term progress against the War on Drugs.”

Melon Mints and Sour Apple Killer are the parents of Apple Mints. This 1.18% THC (three eighths) popcorn in a pouch had 22.49% THCa, 24.84% total cannabinoids. The buds were tiny even for popcorn, and the pouch contained too much shake. The frosty, dark green nuggets had some purple mixed in and smelled sour pine with sweet apple pie and herby mint.

On the draw, the taste was harsh and sour with back notes of citrus, cool mint, and spice. The exhale brought tastes of sour apple and mint with undertones of herby spice and sweetness.

The Apple Mints effects align with our Work Sativa criteria. The sativa-dominate strain provided an energetic boost along with a powerful clear-headed cerebral buzz that allowed me to focus on work for hours while taming my ADD. There was no end-of-the-buzz crash. Instead, the energy stayed with me to assist me avoid a crash from meditating for too long while working.

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