Bet9ja Sbeginner’s Guide 2022

Bet9ja is the perfect site for South Africans looking for a top-quality betting experience. This site has everything you need to get started, including a wide range of games and betting options. We’ll take a closer look at what Bet9ja has to offer in this review.

Bet9ja might not have the global name recognition as other reviewed sites, but it is a reliable brand in Nigeria. Bet9ja sponsors the Nigeria National League (NNL) and provides real money sports betting to customers based in Nigeria.

Bet9ja was established in 2013, and currently holds licenses in both Lagos and the State of Osun. Bet9ja is legal to use in all states across Nigeria where sports betting is permitted; however, this bookmaker is reserved only for Nigerians and not customers from other countries.


Bet9ja has found success by melding together European technological advancements with local customer support to provide an optimal experience. The website benefits from data centers located in Europe, which offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as reliability. The customer service staff is based out of Lagos.

The website Bet9ja offers many games such as sports betting, horse racing and casino games. However, it is apparent that the focus lies mainly on sports and racing. The Be9ja casino includes only a few Games which are quite simple. Although, they boast a luxurious live dealer selection provided by Evolution Gaming.

Bet9ja Deposit Bonus: 100% up to 100,000

When new customers sign up for an account on and make an initial deposit of 100 Naira or more, they will receive an extra 100% added to their total deposit amount. For example, if you sign up and make a deposit of 1,000 Naira after you sign up, Bet9ja will give you another 1,000 Naira on top of that original amount for a grand total bankroll of 2,000 Naira.

The welcome bonus money cannot be withdrawn until you’ve placed 10 times the amount in bets at odds of 3.00 or greater. So, if you received a 1,000 bonus, that would mean placing 10,000 worth of bets before being able to withdraw the funds.

Bonus and Promotions

An excellent quality of Bet9ja is that they provide a 100% welcome bonus which could amount to ₦100,000. In other words, if you were to put down ₦100,000 as your initial deposit, you would then have access to gamble with ₦200,000.

At Bet9ja, we want to encourage our customers to keep coming back-so much so that we offer a “Loyalty Bonus.” If you refer a friend and they sign up, you both receive bonuses. The person who made the referral gets 25% extra of their deposit amounting up to ₦25,000.

Bet9ja Registration

Ready to place a bet on your favorite team? Here’s a quick guide on how to register with Bet9ja so you can start online sports betting:

  • To make a Bet9ja account, visit the site and press the “Register” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Please provide the following personal information in the registration form: name, date of birth, email address and phone number.
  • Create a Bet9ja account by choosing a username and password. Remember to pick a strong password so you don’t forget it later!
  • Click the “Submit” button after you finish filling out the registration form.
  • After you finish creating your account, Bet9ja will send you a verification email. In that email, there will be a link for you to click on in order to verify the account.

Bet9ja Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

You can easily deposit money into your Bet9ja account in a few different ways, depending on what is most convenient for you. One popular method is to use your debit or credit card. However, you could also deposit funds via bank transfer, e-wallet, or prepaid card.

Depositing money into your Bet9ja account is easy, and withdrawing is just as simple. You can use the same methods for withdrawals as you did for deposits, including debit or credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, or prepaid card. The minimum amount you can withdraw per transaction is ₦1000 and the maximum is ₦20 000 000. Withdrawing from your Bet9ja account doesn’t incur any fees.


Bet9ja Deposit Methods

To make a bet on Bet9ja, navigate to the website and click on the “Deposit” button.

The next stage after you’ve chosen your payment method is to insert the amount of money you want to deposit. The lowest sum Bet9ja accepts is 100 Naira.

Bet9ja Withdraw Methods

To withdraw money from Bet9ja, log into your account and go to the “My Account” page. From there, click on “Withdraw.”

Enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw and select your preferred payment method below. Bet9ja offers multiple payout options, so choose the one that best suits you!

To make a withdrawal request, enter all the required information then click on the “Withdraw” button. Bet9ja will process your withdrawal and you should see the funds in your account within a few days.

Start Betting with Bet9ja in South Africa

To begin, you will need to set up an account with Bet9ja. Once that is completed and registereation is confirmed, you are now logged in and can start betting.

If you have never bet on sports before, no problem! The “How to Bet” section on the Bet9ja website will give tell you everything need to know about placing bets. This includes what types of bets you can make, how odds work, and more.

To start betting, click on the sport you want to bet on from the list of markets. A list of available bets for that market will then appear.

Sign up or Log in

If you’re interested in sports betting, then you should definitely sign up for Bet9ja. It’s one of the most popular sports betting sites not just in South Africa, but globally.

We need some personal info from you to get started, like your name, email, phone number and birthday. You’ll also create a username and password.

If you have an account, log in with your username and password to start taking advantage of all the website features, like placing bets on sports.

Search and select your Sport in Bet9ja’ Sportsbook

With Bet9ja, you can bet on your favorite sports and make some money while doing it! Simply search for the sport you wish to bet on in the sportsbook and select the event. You’ll find information on upcoming events, results, and more. Whether you’re a football fan or a tennis enthusiast, Bet9ja is the perfect place to show off your knowledge and win big!

Enter Bet and Confirm

You will need to create an account before you can begin placing bets. Creating an account is simple and only requires a few pieces of information. Once your account has been created, you can log in and start betting by clicking on the “bet” button. Enter the amount you want to bet and confirm your selection.

After you have clicked the “Confirm” button, your bet is finalized and registered. From there, you can start playing.

Bet9ja Early Cashout Feature

Bet9ja offers an early cashout feature, letting you close your bets while the game is still going on. This way, if you placed a standard bet and then realize it’s not looking good, you can end the bet early for a reduced price rather than lose your entire stake.

Early cashout also called lock-in betting is a great way to ensure you don’t loose your potential winnings. If the match starts out looking good for your team, you can close out your bet and take a reduced payout instead of waiting until the end of the game where anything could happen. Although the amount you receive from locking in early is less than if you had waited it out, this at least guarantees that you won’t loose everything should things go south.

Bet9ja Live Betting

With Bet9ja, you can bet on matches as they are happening in real-time. This live, in-play betting feature allows supports short term bets on a variety of elements occurring during the game that you can watch via TV or your mobile phone.

Live betting is more exciting than traditional online or in-person betting because it happens simultaneous to the game. You can bet on different aspects of the game as it’s happening, rather than placing all your bets before the match and then waiting to see what happens.

Bet9ja has a vast array of in-play sporting events available to bet on live each day. For example, as I was writing this review on a Tuesday, I saw that there were 204 live games being played for sports such as football/soccer, baseball hockey and tennis—just to name a few.

Weekly Super9ja Prediction Contest

Bet9ja offers a free-to-play competition every week with a 100,000,000 Naira jackpot. To enter, correctly predict the winner and total goals scored for 10 matches selected by Bet9ja each week.

If you accurately pick the winners of all 10 games, not only do you take home the 100,000,000 Naira grand prize for that week, but Bet9ja also uses your total goal predictions as a tiebreaker. Along with the main jackpot, Bet9ja has smaller prizes like 20,000 for 9 correct scores and 1 Million for 8 correct scores- so there are multiple ways to make some money with this company.

In addition to the 20 prizes given out each week, Bet9ja gives away a total of 265,000 Naira. The competition is free and anyone can enter–simply log-in each week to make your picks.

Bet9ja Mobile App in South Africa

Bet9ja doesn’t only have a website for South African users, but it also has a dedicated mobile app. This provides you with the same features and benefits as the main Bet9ja site, but on a platform that’s been specifically designed to be used on your mobile phone. The Bet9ja app is available for both Android and iOS devices can be downloaded straight from the Bet9ja website.

Summary of the Bet9ja

Bet9ja is a dependable, legal, and trustworthy betting platform that is ranked highly in Nigeria–particularly for sportsbetting. We recommend them in this bet9ja review. However, we challenge Bet9ja to expand its casino platform and include other popular products available in Nigeria such as bingo games. Overall, we rate the site 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Bet9ja FAQs

Can you cash out the bonus from Bet9ja?

Bet9ja bonuses can only be used to place bets, and not for direct withdrawals.

Where can I get the bet9ja promo code?

You can find the bet9ja promo code on review sites, such as Football whispers, or on the bookmaker’s own promotions page and social media platforms.

Where can I download the Bet9ja app?

The app is currently available as an APK file on the Bet9ja sportsbook.

Is Bet9ja a trustworthy and reliable betting site?

Yes, the sportsbook is licensed to offer gaming services in Nigeria. Most importantly, it has a proven track record of paying out millions of Naira to successful bettors.

What do I need to sign-up with Bet9ja?

If you want to become a Bet9ja customer, you must be 18 years old or older, live in Nigeria, and have documentation that proves your identity.

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