Cannabis store in Saguenay

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If you are looking to buy products in a Cannabis store in Saguenay, then it is important to know that the products can be purchased only with cash. There are also limited quantities on sale, so you should hurry up and make your purchase.

In Canada, recreational cannabis can only be purchased in licensed cannabis stores. The federal law prohibits the sale of cannabis anywhere else, including online.

Products are sold in pre-packaged amounts and are separated by price range. You can find fixed priced packs as well as products with different prices based on the weight of the product in Cannabis store in Saguenay.

If you are looking to buy products in a cannabis store in Saguenay

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An individual cannot purchase more than 30 grams at a time and cannot purchase products from different categories at once (edibles, concentrates, dried flower).

You will first present yourself to the cashier and ask for the item you are looking for in Cannabis store in Saguenay. For example, if you want a cigarette or a bottle of water, you will ask for it. If the store doesn’t have what you are looking for, they can probably order it for you. You can also use their search engine to find what you want.

The next step is to show your ID card with your photo on it to the cashier before making a purchase.

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