Different Types of RC Cars

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When you’re looking for your first RC car here, you’ll want to consider a few different types.

Different Types of RC Cars

Depending on your budget, skill level and what kind of terrain you’ll be racing on, you’ll want to pick the right model. Here are some popular models and their features:

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  • Buggy: Perhaps the most common type of RC car, buggies focus on performance more than looks and have off-road capabilities. They come in different sizes and shapes with durable structures to handle tough terrains.
  • Truggy: Truggies tend to be more powerful than buggies and have four-wheel drive capabilities. They also have larger wheels for greater traction and stability when racing on off-road terrain.
  • Monster Truck: As the name implies, monster trucks are designed with bigger bodies for greater stability and power. They also come with taller suspension systems and oversized tires for higher ground clearance when racing in rockier, rougher terrain.

Knowing the differences between these different types of RC cars will help you make an informed decision about which is best for your needs.

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