Incorporating Sex Toys Into Play

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Not sure how to incorporate a sex toy into your play on Don’t worry, it can be easier than you think! First and foremost, never feel pressure to use a toy when it doesn’t feel right. But if you find yourself wanting to explore more in the bedroom, getting creative with toys can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Get Creative: Incorporating Toys Into Play

Here are some ideas on how to make the most out of your toys:

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  1. Enhance foreplay: Use a vibrator, or any other sex toy, on yourself or your partner during foreplay for extra pleasure and increased arousal.
  2. Incorporate light bondage: Introduce bondage toys like handcuffs, blindfolds or ties for an extra level of excitement that’s all about exploring trust and pleasure with one another.
  3. Explore anal play: Try introducing anal beads or plugs during penetrative sex for added sensation and pleasure. Be sure to use plenty of lube before and throughout!
  4. Add variety to oral sex: Ramp up cunnilingus by incorporating a vibrator or other oral stimulator during oral sex for extra stimulation and intense orgasms.
  5. Go beyond the bedroom: Invite your favorite toy into the shower with you—waterproof toys are designed for bath time fun!
  6. Spice things up solo: Use a vibe while masturbating to take solo exploration sessions to the next level!

By using these tips and tricks—or coming up with your own ideas—you can create an enhanced intimate experience where you can explore each other’s boundaries in unexpected ways!

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